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Don’t underestimate the importance of nutrition. Also, don’t underestimate the lack of knowledge around this topic. This is a 28-page guide that is packed with nutritional info. The WOH Elite Athlete Nutrition Guide includes nutrition information to take a basketball player from good to great. It includes invaluable nutritional information; what are micro/macro nutrients, what are protein/carbs/fats and what do they do? You will finally find out what to eat and when, including what to eat on GAMEDAY! In this guide you will find:

* Explanations on the roles of protein, fat, carbs, and how much of them to eat.
* Descriptions of vitamins and minerals
* The skinny on water & fish oil
* Common recommendations for vitamins, fish oil, protein powder, and water
* Supplement guide, with recommendations for what to take
* When to eat before and after workouts
* Guidelines on how much to eat
* The WOH good-food/bad-food matrix
* Information on food quality
* Meal planning and some example recipes
* Glycemic Index information

Product Details: 28 page guide .pdf file. No returns or exchanges since this is a downloadable file

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