Kettlebell Turkish Get-up

Begin lying down on the flower with a kettlebell in one hand extended vertically (like the top of a bench press). Keeping this arm extended vertically throughout the exercise, bend the knee of the weighted side to bring that foot flat against the ground, and use it to help push to the side opposite the weight. As you push begin sitting up, rolling onto the elbow of the free arm and then onto that hand as you reach a fully sitting posture. From the seated position is to bend the straight leg to bring the foot under and behind the foot on the side that you have the kettlebell held on. From here, step forward with the foot on the side with the kettlebell and drive forward and up onto it and the knee of the unweighted leg. Get some balance in this position, then from here stand up from the lunge. One rep of the TGU requires you to get back into the lying down position you started in. To complete this, simply reverse all the movements you used to get up.

Variation: You can also stand up immediately from the upright seated position by using an overhead squat, but this is a bit more difficult.