Kettlebell Split Snatch

Get into position by squatting with your feet slightly wider than hip width apart while grasping the KB with a wide overhand grip. Keep your back flat and chest up, and your midsection tight. Begin the movement by picking up the KB off the ground with an extended arm. To begin the lift, drive your hips as you would in a KB swing. This needs to be a very strong hip drive, as this provides almost all of the force for the snatch.

As your hips drive the weight up, the snatch changes a little bit from the swing, because you want to keep the KB relatively close to your body. As the weight travels with the momentum, bend the elbow slightly so the KB stays closer to your body. At this point, think about throwing the kettlebell all the way to the ceiling.

At the top of the snatch, as the kettlebell begins to rotate, DROP down into a lunge-like split (as you would on a split jerk…see video) your arm should still be slightly bent. As the bell is rotating over your hand to the back of your forearm, you need to “punch” your hand up. When you do this, it will help prevent the bottom part of the kettlebell from crushing your forearm.