Kettlebell Clean and Press

Squat down and hold the handle of the kettlebell with one hand and allow the other arm. The first step of the clean is a deadlift; however this has to be more explosive than a normal deadlift as the weight needs to travel all the way up to the shoulder. As you complete the deadlift portion, of the lift, be sure to keep your midsection tight and your back straight. Swing the kettlebell up towards your shoulder and allow it to turn so the ball of the weight swings around your hand and comes to rest on the top of your forearm. Bend your elbow, so the palms are facing in towards your chest. As you clean the kettlebell, drop a little bit in your lower body, so you can “catch” the KB at a slightly lower height (the lower you drop the easier the clean should be). Once the kettlebell (or kettlebells) are at chest height, straighten up into a standing position. To finish the lift, you have to end with a strict or push press. Initiate the push press with a dip, by bending the hips and knees (like shooting a foul shot in basketball) while keeping the midsection upright and tight. The dip will be between 1/5 and ¼ of a squat in depth. Then, with no pause at the bottom of the dip, the hips and legs drive up and extend. As the hips and legs complete extension the shoulders and arms press the kettlebell (kettlebells) overhead until the arms are fully extended (if you want to do a strict press, you would extend the weights overhead without the “dip” of the push press). Lower the weight to the floor, again paying attention so that your back remains straight and you maintain control.