Kettlebell Squat Clean

Stand gripping a kettlebell on the handle with two hands both in an overhand grip. Feet should be just beyond shoulder width with feet sticking slightly out to the sides. . The first step of the clean is a deadlift; however this has to be more explosive than a normal deadlift as the weight needs to travel all the way up to your chest. As you complete the deadlift portion, of the lift, be sure to keep your midsection tight and your back straight. Pull the kettlebell up towards your chest, without letting it get too far away from your body. As the kettlebell approaches chest height, let go of the handle, and catch the kettlebell underneath the bell portion in the bottom of a squat (so your thighs are below parallel). Proceed to complete a strict front squat: keeping the butt back, chest up, eyes straight ahead, mid-section tight, back straight, and not allowing your knees to go past your toes.
*Be sure to go down below parallel then rise back up to a full standing position.