Kettlebell Workout can increase strength like Olympic Weightlifting

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A recent study was conducted with the hypothesis that since kettlebell workouts include ballistic movements like Olympic weightlifting, people using kettlebell workouts in their training might see the same benefits that Olympic lifters see.  Participants in this kettlebell workout study were put on a 10 week kettlebell workout routine and others were put on an Olympic lifting routine.  They were measured on various factors such as the bench press, the clean and jerk, and back extension endurance.

The result of the study backed the scientific hypothesis proving that kettlebell training has similar (although not quite as drastic) strength building effects as Olympic weight lifting.  All the participants in the study scored significantly higher in the bench press, clean and jerk, and back extension endurance.  This shows gains not only in explosive (fast twitch) muscles in an exercise like the clean and jerk, but also extremely well rounded upper body muscle (in the bench press), and muscular endurance (in the back extensions).

This study is more proof that kettlebell workouts are an incredible, full body training method, that not only improves your endurance (cardio), help you lose weight (through a high rate of calorie burning), but can also build some awesome strength.

When you add all these factors to the low cost of kettlebells, the flexibility to do workouts anywhere at any time, and benefits like less back pain…you really need to think about switching to kettlebell training or at least incorporating some kettlebell exercises into your routine.

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