Success Stories from People Using Kettlebell Workouts

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The web is littered with tales of the successes different people have had with kettlebell workouts.  Whether it is someone who is new to working out, a seasoned athlete supplementing their training, or just a normal guy/gal…so many people have found success through kettlebell workouts.

Here is one of my favorite testimonials I came across during my last search for kettlebell workouts success stories:

OK, working on losing the next chunk of weight. I am starting out today with good eating, kettlebell exercising again, and managing my stress as I am still settling into my new state.

Anyone in the Phoenix area (I am in the East Valley) that is interested in achieving some good weight loss, please feel free to get in touch with me – I will gladly share why I love doing kettlebells and why I feel it is so much more effective than other exercises. I am looking for kettlebell partners that are serious about losing weight.

I landed on kettlebells because internet research on effective weight loss pointed towards ballistic exercises and exercises that did multiple muscle groups at the same time (e.g. do squat and press combined vs doing squat and press separately). Kettlebell fit a lot of the best weight loss techniques I read about. It is efficient (better results with less time spent) and it was something I could do at home or outdoors.

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You can find endless stories of people that have had great success with kettlebell workouts.  Kettlebell exercises have helped people get rid of all kinds of aches and pains, some people get into the best shape of their lives, some folks lose tons of weight…they all feel better, and they all gain confidence.

Just click here for the Google results on kettlebell testimonials, and you will see how many people have found success through kettlebell workouts.  What is your success story?  Leave a comment!

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1 AJ Perisho February 7, 2012 at 7:41 pm

Kettlebells are awesome!
I do Crossfit, and we include them quite a bit in our workouts.
I don’t always appreciate them while I’m using them, but I like the results :-)


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