Kettlebell Workouts = Miracles?

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Kettlebell workouts are awesome.  Their calorie burning power is well documented and the Russians have proven their strength building prowess for years.  Those of you who are familiar with the training know there is endless variety and creativity that can be used to come up with a lifetime of different kettlebell workouts.  All that said, kettlebell workouts will not give you the miracle transformation on their own.  You might be thinking that it is sacrilege for me to say such things here at the KBWS?  But that is NONSENSE!

A simple iron weight with a handle on it is not going to be your savior.  What you need is a nice well-balanced workout program that is coupled with good nutrition and resting.  The things you use to fuel your body and the effort (as funny as that sounds) that you put into recovery and rest are CRITICAL to your success.  It doesn’t matter if you define success by some advanced athletic endeavor or if you define success by losing a few pounds and getting in better shape….it’s all the same.

Have you ever taken a step back and looked to see if you have any imbalances or range of motion issues?  Is it hard for you to get into certain positions or stances?  Are you stronger in one area or another?  Are you completely worn out by Friday to the point that you just pass out early?  These are all signs that something is missing from your training or your overall lifestyle.

Be sure you are spending some time addressing issues like mobility, relaxation, and sleep with the same vigor that you approach your workouts.  Kettlebell workouts are an extraordinary tool, but they are not the answer in and of themselves.  You must take an all-encompassing approach to achieve your goals! So be sure you have a healthy focus on kettlebell exercises, but also be sure you are always mixing it up!

How do you approach your overall training & lifestyle?  What problems do you have?  Leave comments below…

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