Improve your kettlebell workouts with a kettlebell certification or seminar

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If you want to take your level of kettlebell knowledge beyond the basic, you may want to sign up for a kettlebell certification or kettlebell seminar.  As the popularity of kettlebell workouts has increased, so has the number of different options that are out there.  Unfortunately, because there is money to be made in the kettlebell business, there are some people that are in it simply to make money (despite not being very qualified).

Here are a few different options to consider when it comes to improving your kettlebell workouts through a kettlebell certification.


Steve Maxwell Certification

Steve Maxwell is one of the most experienced trainers that are out there.  Steve was one of the original kettlebell trainers in the US.  He has years of kettlebell experience.  I have spent time with Steve in person, and would vouch for him to anyone.  If you can catch Steve in one of his somewhat rare US certifications or seminars, I would highly recommend it.


RKC Certification/Seminar

Dragon Door runs the RKC certification.  This is a pretty well respected certification program, which is probably due to its requirements for passing.  The “average joe” cannot go in and past the physical demands of the RKC snatch test.  The test includes pull-up requirements, but more importantly it has an infamous KB Snatch Test requirement which requires over 100 KB snatches in 5 minutes at 24kg for an average size male (12 or 16kg for female depending on size).  The RKC certification is probably the most respected national brand of KB certification, the class lasts 3 days, and can be hard to schedule due to limited offerings and geographic locations.  One word of caution however, it is prohibitively expensive for some at around $2500.  Dragon Door does however run some other classes and seminars with generally positive reviews.


CrossFit Kettlebell Cert/Tactical Athlete

Jeff Martone is well respected Kettlebell instructor who does seminars for both his company, Tactical Athlete, as well as for CrossFit’s specialty seminars.  It speaks highly of Jeff that he was chosen as CrossFit’s KB trainer of choice, and feedback on his 2 day seminars is usually positive.


International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF)

IKFF runs their CKT program (so many letters!).  The certificaitons are divided up into Level 1 and Level 2.  The course covers learning the basics of KB training as well as learning some basic coaching skills.  The cost of the CKT is around $1,500.

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