Benefits of Kettlebell Workouts

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Kettlebells generally run a little more than $1 per pound. You can easily pick up a set of kettlebells and get in incredible shape for less than an annual gym membership.

Because they come in all shapes and sizes, kettlebells are extremely versatile

If you get a well-made kettlebell, they are virtually indestructible. Someday maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have kids that want to fight over these when you die.

Total Solution
With the right kettlebell workout, you can get a total body workout that doesn’t require expensive machines, gym memberships, or long hours on the treadmill. Exercises like kettlebell swings and kettlebell snatches are the ultimate exercises…you will not find a more useful exercise.

You can get in amazing shape with 1 kettlebell and just a few exercises. It doesn’t get any easier!

Health and Vitality
Even after just a few workouts you will begin to feel the effects of the kettlebell training. You will experience more energy, better moods, and will just feel better overall! A good exercise program can lower cholesterol, improve heart health, and help you manage your weight! Dive in right away to start experiencing all these benefits!

“Strength”, “Cardio”, and Much More
We here at the kettlebell workouts spot don’t like when people talk about “strength” or “cardio” workouts, but that seems to be how most people refer to their workouts. Because kettlebells come in different sizes and you can alter your kettlebell workout to improve both your cardiovascular endurance and your strength…but you will also improve other equally as important areas such as: your explosiveness, flexibility, mobility, balance, coordination, and more!

Save Time
Kettlebell workouts are time efficient, you can get a great workout in a short amount of time. The Amercian Council on Exercise (ACE) showed an average of 1,200 calories burned per hour in a recent study.

Kettlebell workouts are far from the boring workouts at the gym that you might be used to. Trying and mastering new kettlebell exercises is fun!

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